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GENERAL LINES – The terms and conditions here described are intended to regulate all confirmed bookings through our website All online confirmed bookings necessarily require acceptance, without reservations by the customer, and valid on the date of the same, which was fully understood and accepted. However, we reserve the right to change these conditions, in whole or in part, without prior notice.

SERVICE – All services are fully described in each item presented on our website, informing what is included and excluded. In case of doubts, the clients can contact us by email and send their questions.

PRICES – All prices are properly mentioned in each of the services provided and are subject to change without notice, due to the fluctuation of fuel prices. However, when a service is booked online, the price quoted is valid for that reservation and will not be changed.


BOOKING CONFIRMATION – Our services should, preferably, be booked through our online booking system, which shows the availability, at the date of reservation, in what concerns days and hours. After acceptance of a booking, which will remain pending, the client will receive by email, a document confirming the details of his/hers booking as well as the instructions of payment, and only then, will be considered as confirmed.

PAYMENT METHOD – All bookings confirmed through the online booking platform, can be settled by Credit Card, through Paypal system or by Bank Transfer using the bank details available (IBAN) which are described on the check- out page.

CANCELLATION POLICY – The cancellation of a pending booking, made online, can be done, without any justification, at any time, by telephone or by email. Cancellation of bookings confirmed which have been settled in accordance with our Payment Conditions, may also be made, at any time and in the same manner, but are subject to a 20% (twenty percent) fee, and 80% (eighty cent) of the amount settled will be refunded.

PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF LOCATION – In principle, all our services start and end at the place agreed when booking, being Lisbon Airport, Hotel or Apartment, on the day and time requested as per the online booking form. Other locations can be agreed in advance, with an additional cost, according to the location of pick up and / or drop off.

INSURANCE – All clients are covered by an insurance policy, required under the Tourism Office of Portugal regulations, which covers: CIVIL LIABILITY up to € 55,000.00 per claim, with a 10% (ten percent) clause, a minimum of € 250,00 and a maximum of € 1,250.00. PERSONAL ACCIDENTS insurance of € 2,605.00 per death or permanent disability and € 3,782.00 per hospital treatment. PLEASE NOTE: Repatriation to the country of origin of foreign citizens is NOT covered. EXCEPTIONS (to the above): Our insurance policy does not extend to people over seventy (70) and children under fifteen (15) years of age. For both of these possibilities, we recommend that clients have their own insurance policy, as we can not guarantee such coverage.

LITIGATIONS – check here the local authorities where to complaint

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